Vertical ring rolling machine - D51X oblique type series
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Vertical ring rolling machine, also called broaching machine; D51 type rolling ring machine. Quanyue computer numerical can provide three different kinds of vertical ring rolling machine, D51X oblique type vertical roll ring machine, D51P flat shaft type vertical roll ring machine, D51K nc vertical roll ring machine.

This product is widely used in processing production of bearing, flat welding flange, high neck flange, small thin wall barrel parts seamless ring parts and suitable for forging enterprise after upsetting, punching, then reaming process; Due to it can roll different kinds of metal materials, high temperature alloy steel, bearing steel, plain carbon steel, copper, aluminum alloy, etc., and the request for front end system hole's is not high, so cooperate with general forging equipment has efficiency prominent; Therefore replace the original mandrel supporter reaming process, which favored by the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprise.

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