Competitive seamless ring preform a forging - forging press ring rolling machine Competitive seamless ring preform forging parts
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We are facing today's opportunity

With a wide range of production areas of seamless forged ring of the growing demand for different batch size, improve the material performance, so the market will invest in agile, lean and efficient production system. Manufacturing ring preform pieces of perfect, the new production concept: production seamless ring initial forging is enabled.

The choice of press concept and equipment agile degree mainly by ring preform a geometric shape, batch size and overall yield determined. It is only through appropriate press function can realize high efficient operation, jinan quanyue computer numerical control based on market-oriented, customer demand for the opportunity, releasing forging enterprise needs many kinds of forging hydraulic press, ring rolling machine for customers to choose.

Competitive seamless ring preform a forging - forging press ring rolling machine


According to the different application, in the past few years manufacturing forging press characteristics or the highly flexible, suitable for a wide range of ring preform a geometric shape of the production, or high output, etc. Through close cooperation with customers, developing a new concept which can well adapt differents ranges of the products.

Seamless ring application fields and characteristics

Seamless ring the excellent properties of its application in a wide range of fields, performance is as follows:

High strength

High toughness

Uninterrupted grain flow

Small grain size

Perfect to structure

These properties make seamless ring can be used for exposure to the highest load and stress parts, make the parts with small cross section, and reduce the size and weight. Typical applications are bearing ring, high-power gear, gear ring, with high strength and light weight to structure element, flange, turbine and valve housing. Most of the bearing ring, gear ring and flange are made by ordinary steel made of quality. Advanced steel alloy and nickel base alloy and inconel used in the energy sector, aerospace industry need titanium and aluminum to ring. For seamless ring preform a rapid increase in the demand of railway wheel production, the production of railway wheel by the transportation department and the influence of the rapid growth of high-speed train. Such as each new wind generator tower need a lot of seamless ring used for bearing and gear. Blade carrier and tower structure flange ring, installed wind power market demand is excess growth. All of these mentioned digital are directly related to the production line for seamless ring of high and rising demand.

Jinan Quanyue Computer Numerical Control  co., LTD., the company faces the seamless ring parts forming and ring parts processing application needs, provide automation forging press, D51 type vertical broaching machine, D52 type nc radial ring rolling machine, D53 type CNC diameter axial ring rolling machine, ring a school circular machine, four column hydraulic press, forging hydraulic press, automatic servo walking beam system, three coordinate automation mechanical design and manufacturing.

The company faces the forging industry, for all types of customers to provide equipment maintenance, reconstruction, overhaul and other services.

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