Large forging industry problems and countermeasures
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China now has 1000 tons forging press about 450 sets of more than ton big press 15 ~ 17 table, the future could reach 21 to 25 table. Large forging equipment 3 ~ 80000 tons of press has been built 4 sets, are in the construction of about 3 sets, the plan of construction in 5 table above. Large diameter thick wall tube 3.6-65000 tons of extrusion line will have 3, plus drawing line there are five, in the future there will be more than eight pieces. 1 meters ring rolling machine and related production line about article 150 (sets), the biggest ring rolling a diameter of 10 meters. Based on current incomplete to see, in 2012 the first quarter, about 20% of the free forging enterprise yield is 30% growth enterprise basic same, about 50% of the enterprise production decline, some enterprise of heavy losses. At present, large forging enterprise still has many problems restricts the development of the industry, such as:

Over capacity      Our country forging industry new equipment investment too fast, overcapacity is serious.

We have less communication with the international counterparts.

Our country forging industry and international communication between industry not only less, less depth communication, the world of large forgings meeting has been held for 18 session and before 2006 the domestic only several university professor for forging enterprise to participate in a very small number.

In recent years, foreign large forging enterprise technical release and technical communication mainly comes from some young faces, and China's major or from some old face, from that, the Chinese big forging industry there are serious shortages, this means that the large forging enterprise lack of young generation of training thinking and method.

Basic industry supporting  imbalances.

Large forging industry problems and countermeasures

With large forging production related basic industry supporting imbalance, industrial furnace refractory material performance is not stable, smelting raw material quality is low affect large forging industry factor of product quality. To forging heating, heat treatment equipment for example, heating, heat treatment furnace low accuracy in the industry generally exist, such as: control unit, instruments and meters, the combustion system, the furnace body structure and lining refractory material and have serious problems, the use of heating, heat treatment furnace appraisal and testing standard method or 80 s certain, the industry, the actual furnace temperature control precision can reach ± 10 ℃, and the advanced international level difference is bigger.

Low competitiveness.

2011 nuclear power rotor domestic enterprise production quantity is small, domestic quality is not so stable. In the production of large forgings quality is not stable usually for the performance of the product quality is not uniform, the same parts in different locations of the physical and mechanical properties of deviation is too big.

Our country forging enterprise yield is low, delivery time is long, can't meet the needs of customers. Home-made parts are in the inspection, the problem during the process of domestic enterprise market is the main reason for the popularity is not high.

Large forging industry problems and countermeasures

At present, foreign individual company of large forgings has been lower than the price of domestic, the competitiveness of domestic forging influence. But the domestic large forging enterprise primarily factory has made the contribution, because as long as the domestic can produce, the price of imported products immediately drop down, individual products can reduce 3-4 times, this is our country large forgings industries to host industry the most advantageous support.

Lack of the qualification certification.

At present, some large forging enterprise cannot supply main nuclear grade forging, there is a qualification certification problem, it is restricted large forging enterprise capacity play an important factor. In addition, the production performance of nuclear grade material of authentication is also important, if there is no production performance is unable to the authentication, so enterprise must first develop the needs of users, each enterprise products to the investment of research funds, all develop independently, the fund pressure and risks will be very big.

Now more and more domestic enterprises export products, we are willing to use international standard, but because Chinese versatility, implement international standards there are some obstacles. But, the domestic large forging industry in making product standard, not to accord with the need of some enterprises and reduce the technical indicators, large forging production standard should be in line with the needs of the market, improve the quality of large forgings from the perspective of main, follow the requirements of the development of large forgings, formulate standard when we want to have the technical people to attend.

Special material developed slowly.

At present, our country special material developed slowly. This is mainly because our material system and introducing foreign unit caused by different material system, and at the same time, also because of our supporting and material innovation consciousness is not strong. At present, China's nuclear power products material localization task, difficult, China has yet to develop its own nuclear material system is very important reason. In addition, the manufacturing difficulty is big, high technical requirements and innovation consciousness is not strong also is relatively key factors. Should speed up the forging raw material localization process, forging user enterprise to strengthen communication, for raw materials for further clarified, through the research to use requirement, and the establishment of China's nuclear power system.

Large forgings enterprises need to strengthen in the following several aspects:

Solve the steel raw materials and solve problems, especially the ingot purity to pay great attention to study the composition, organization and precise control of large forgings quality relationship.

Elaborate manufacture process or operating procedures, strengthen the consciousness of quality management, ensure product manufacturing process consistency, accuracy, integrity, consistency and uniformity.

Large forgings foundation technology and common technology is weak restriction of large forgings quality stability of the important reasons, but the improvement need national support, many joint tackling, long-term attention and accumulation, only by the enterprise on the one hand, it is difficult to finish the task.

Strengthen the main technical department cooperation and  the common development with them, grow together. Domestic forging enterprise must strengthen the consciousness of service to users, should and  main technical department to establish close contact, to build interactive technology research mechanism, common and user research unit material conversion, manufacturing and processing problems, we must strictly enforce together with user for production procedure, often listen to the opinions of the users and make timely feedback. Forging enterprise and user only unite, careful analysis research products, find problems in the process of manufacturing factors, to test out does not conform to the study of improvement, to promote the localization process.

Large forging production is a system engineering, which is the basic theory of many fields, including supporting technology, raw material smelting, how to improve the supporting ability is an important subject in front of the industry.

 This paper from the China forging association council of large forgings 2012 minutes"

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