Jinan Quanyue Computer Numerical Company recruitment matters

  Because of the need of development, we look forward to expanding global business. Hereby we sincerely look for cooperation partner. Whether where are you from, no matter whether you are the end user or the original of the region agent sales, we are looking forward to your coming.

  Our company has been committed to the seamless ring forging production for the purpose of the research and development of application equipment, such as general hydraulic press, ring blank forging hydraulic press, different kinds of ring rolling machine, various kinds of special machinery such as correct roundness machine, which for the purpose of increasing the actual end users. But we hope to uninterrupted learn more from better company, searching for the production of knowledge from user and therefore we will have more friends. Everyone knows that every client is from the beginning of refuse, then is understand, which followed by mutual communication, procurement is only the beginning of the cooperation, only by continuously meet customer needs and protect their benefits is the core of our growing maturity. So we will try to work hard to maintain every customer, with sincere to win respect. We will acquaint more partners and witness the development of our partners.

  If you are interested to know more about our company, we are looking forward to hearing from you: cnluhan@163.com, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

  Jinan Quanyue Computer Numerical Control Co., Ltd.

  Glad to meet you

  January23nd, 2013

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